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no vandalizing

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toy Con 2011

"Collectibles Unlimited Association is a non-profit association based in Metro Manila, whose main objectives are to promote interest in the collection and display of all types of comics,toys, movies, animation, games and related childhood memorabilia; and to maintain a network of collectors to help members keep in touch with each other and advance the collecting hobby."

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    good good good mission for their assoc.. attending this event really inspired me to have more collections >_,< but will surely give pain on the pit of my wallet, XD
   but one better thing it did o me was i am more inspired to make my works better.. 

 these transformer toys are so great.. actually don't know who owns these collections but 2 thumbs up for the customization and cool paint job they did. it looks very far from what you can purchase from toy stores.

 really love this robots, dunno what they are made of  and if these are recycled junk art, then i'll admire it more..

 how real is real? i am really amazed with these bust statues. even his jersey has a cloth like texture plus his real eyelashes.. >_<

 i'd really feel shy if my gundam kits will be displayed right next to these mechas.. the details, paint job and all are greatly done,,but of course, these are professionals work..

 scary but great..heard that these alien-predator diorama took the owner more than a year to complete this.. wonder where or how he displays this as it almost consumes 1 room for this. since the venue was crowded, i am not able to stand from apart and took a whole picture of this diorama,,

 pictures below are the entrees for the customized toys competition, dunno if all of them are modified toys or pure scratch built figures, like the big 100% taguro form.. im pretty sure that he was purchased as incredible hulk before..

 i like this entree coz it reminds me of my childhood days when the ghost fighter series became famous..

 i didn't attend their awarding ceremony but i've read that this girl with lurking demons won and  knocked down takamura and taguro  ^_^

dunno who won in this photography contest but for me its really hard to judge these entrees coz they're all good..

 its time for the cosplayers, well i actually thought that i'll just be seeing alodia's picture around the venue but she suprizingly came im with a bunch of bodyguards..
 and there she is!!! glad that i am able to take her picture...nahh,, its just her eye on the corner,, better try again..
 and for the second try.. yey.. its just her wig.. haha
 you can see the huge crowd who are all desperate just to take her picture and autograph..

    and finally, there she is,, she is so polite and kind to all of her fans.. she manages to say hi and answer who ever calls her..
    started from her eye and now my picture was too way close, i dunno why she suddenly smiled like that like she was a victim of her tv program.. na lol ka.. ^_^

 this zoid amazed me the most,, i heard that it won last year in the hero convention before.. 2 thumbs up for his effort in making, bringing this huge costume and plus the hard effort in wearing it, though i wish the finishing paint was better but still it is s so great for me..

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  1. nicely done! next time it will be your own toys in the gallery!