no vandalizing

no vandalizing

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Getsuga Tenshou

   this is my first commissioned work  for a former high school classmate.. its a quite tougher project since i am using my own mixture of epoxy on this one.. and the hardest part here is how am i going to make all those black fire like flares around him.. a challenging one. thats why i accepted it...

 thats not the real head or hair yet,, just a testing made by ordinary clay to foresee how should i do it or how will it look like and to test if its in proportion,,

 really requires lots of sanding and drilling....

 now that's the real head,, my client just want a still standing pose... good thing coz it will be twice harder if he wants it to be in action pose..    T_T

still has many works and processes to do..


  1. It looks FANTASTIC!
    How much do you charge for such a piece?

    1. thanks.. it depends on the design or concept of the character you want.