no vandalizing

no vandalizing

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mai Shiranui

   Since i was in high school, i always use a reusable oil based clay in making my anime characters. Of course, figures made from oil based clay can't last long and easily gets deformed..

   i also tried using plaster of paris and its a failure..
 coz is very messy, breakable and possibly cancerous if you'll inhale too much of it.  can still remember when someone accidentally dropped superman, it flied and poofed.. its a chop chop massacre..XD  botcha..

   Then i tried using polymer clay..( if you want to know more about polymer clays, try visiting this site: garieinternational clayshop)  and for my first attempt,  i did Mai ,Shiranui from the king of fighters. can't remember exactly when but i did her probably more than four years ago...sooo far...

 ( >_< )  bad resolution pics... its  only a testing so shes only about 4 to 5 inches tall.

   you can see from the  background..i used   FIMO pollymer clay..

 for my personal observations,, i need to work on detailing, proportions, better posture..and..many more... XD

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