no vandalizing

no vandalizing

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've already finished several gundams before but this kit is my first time building a perfect grade 1/60 scale. i can only work on my gundams after work or on my day off so it took me a week just to finish building my Titan,,

too many parts to assemble and surely cant avoid getting blade cuts on my fingers or maybe im just clumsy... but its worthy seeing how it slowly gets in to form.. and .that's the most exciting part for me...
   if you want to enhance the details of your gundam, you can purchase gundam markers to color the panel lines like what i did on his head..  but actually i just used an OHP pen instead of expensive gundam markers, you can also notice those silver swatches i did on his vulcan pod system,, i just put several drops of silver ink in a cotton with alcohol then gently rub it to the sides or anywhere where you'd like to add  color effects..

 you can notice some  dark areas on the armor, i just did the same process on how i applied the silver swatches..
 after all the coloring is done.. then i applied all of the water slide decals(sticker) as specified on the manual...and for the final and finishing touch.. i used mr hobby clear matt spray to protect the paints and decals.. plus it lessens the plastic look of the gundam

still need to learn more for a real professionals output..

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