no vandalizing

no vandalizing

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kalifa from One Piece

Kalifa was Iceburg's secretary and was the only female member of CP9. After the attempt to assassinate iceburg,  Kalifa ate the Devil Fruit Awa Awa no Mi, which allows her to generate bubbles to "clean" the strength off her opponents. The user can also shield themselves from attacks by condensing these bubbles into a giant bar of "soap armor". However, the effect of the devil fruit can be washed away with water.

shes actually my very first project fully made from a 2 part epoxy.. 

 after all the sanding and polishing are done, i sprayed her with a transparent plastic primer. haven't tried the regular gray primer yet but the plastic primer is really good,, it will only require you atleast 2 coats of paint then you're done..  for a more quality finish..  i used tamiya acrylic paints, its quite expensive for a small bottle but its really good coz they have lots of variety to choose from.. and for the final coat to protect the paint from scratches, i sprayed matte finish on her except on her glossy black dress..

all of my painting processes could have been better if i have an air brush specially when making some shadings but for now im still contented manual hand painting

 i failed to make the connections of her fish net stocking neater.. her eye glasses are made from plastic bottle and chicken wire..


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